Expo 67 stationery (1967)

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Canadian Pacific publication, “Princess of Acadia” (1968)

Sports publication, “International Competitions Montréal 75” (1975)

Expo 67 publication, “Introducting Expo 67” (1967)

Olympics program, “Opening Ceremony” (1976)

Travel publication, “Canada, from sea to sea” (1965)

Travel publication, “Facts on Canada” (1974)

Travel publication, “Adventure Tours from the Trans Canada Highway” (1968)

Olympic Games publication, “Opening Ceremony Program” (1988)

Olympic Games publication “Arts and Culture Program” (1976)

Canadian Pacific publication “New Look in freight car equipment” (1960s)

Canadian Pacific publication “New Look in freight car equipment” (1960s)

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Air Canada publication, “Intercontinental Service” (1980s)

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Expo 86 publication, “Plaza of Nations” (1986)

Expo 86 ad, “Space Ship” (1986)

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Travel publication, “Montréal International Airport Mirabel” (1978)

Centennial publication, “Coming Events in Ontario” (1967)

Pan-American Games publication, “Pan-Am at a Glance” (1967)

Canada Post envelope, “Pan-American Games” (1967)

Torontolympiad (1976)

Canada Post envelope, “Archer” (1976)

Olympics publication “Torontolympiad” (1976)

VIA ticket holder (1978)

Curling publication, “Curling Handbook”, (1975)

Canada Post envelope, “Ceremonies” (1976)

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Inside Canadian Pacific

Travel ad, “Take a fun-crowed vacation in uncrowded Canada” (1965)

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CN publication, “Red, White & Blue Fares” (1976)

CN ad, “There’s a world of good living in steel” (1967)

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Olympics publication “I know” (1976)

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CP Rail (1968)

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Travel ad, “Bravo, le Canada!” (1971)

Olympics postcard, “Amik” (1976)

CP menu “List of beverages” (1972)

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VIA publication, “Dayniter” (1979)

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NB Power (1971)

Ontario Hydro envelope (1960s)

Travel ad, “How we keep you coming back for more.” (1968)

CBC publication, “CBC Calgary” (1970s)

Ontario Hydro’s New Look

Ontario Hydro publication “Nanticoke generating station” (1970s)

Ontario Hydro (1962)

Olympic Games ad “Canadian Olympic Coins” (1975)

CN publication, “Schedules” (1965)

TCA ticket holder (1958)

Expo 86 National Awareness Program

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Expo 67 (1963)

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Expo 86 (c.1981)

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VIA ticket holder (1977)

Expo 67: Canadian Pacific-Cominco

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CN menu (1966)

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Expo 67 publication “Jamaica Pavilion” (1967)

Expo 67: Jamaica

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CN/Air Canada publication, “Swing-Air Club” (1970s)

Canada Post envelope, “Expo 70″ (1970)

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CN menu (c.1969)

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Canada Post stamps, “Santa Claus Parade, value pack” (1986)

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Expo 67 ad, “Exposition universelle et internationale” (1966)