Canada Post poster, “1976 Olympic Games” (1973)

Canada Post poster, “Water sports” (1975)

Canada Post poster, “Centennial Stamp” (1967)

Canada Post poster, “73” (1973)

Canada Post poster, “1976 Olympic Games” (1975)

NFB poster, “After the Axe – a film about executive terminations” (1982)

Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal poster, “Ecole d’Art” (1982)

FIP poster, “The government’s signage system” (1992)

Red Cross poster, “Getting enough rest at night” (1980s)

Government poster, “Save Food” (1940s)

Government poster, “Food Talk” (1983)

Expo 67 poster, “Photo” (1967)

Canada Post poster, “International Women’s Year” (1975)

Health poster, “Please, This is a Non-Smoking Area” (1970s)

Parks poster, “Winter in Canada’s National Parks” (1976)

Expo 67 poster, “Art” (1967)

Art Gallery of Ontario poster, “Perspective ’67” (1967)

Olympics poster, Artists-Athletes (1976)

Centennial poster, “Canada 1867/1967” (1967)

Parks poster, “Autumn in the National Parks” (1970s)

Centennial poster, “Centennial of Canadian Confederation” (1967)

Art Gallery of Ontario poster, ” Perspective ’67” (1967)

Centennial poster, “Happy Centennial!” (1967)

Expo 67 poster, “Man the creator” (1967)

Expo 67 poster, “Art” (1967)

Man and His World poster “Strange, Strange World Pavilion” (1970)

Expo 67 poster, “Show of the Century” (1967)

Athlétisme poster, “Athlétisme, Saut en longueur et triple saut” (c. 1975)

Victory Loans poster, “It’s do… or die… Canadians!” (1941)

Canada Post poster, “Pan-American Games Stamp” (1967)

Olympic games cultural program poster, “Mesdames et messieurs, la fête!” (1976)

Expo 67 poster, “Design” (1967)

Expo 67 poster, “Terre des hommes” (1967)

Parks poster “Québec Walls and Gates” (1970s)

NAC poster, “Canada en México” (1992)

Victory Loans poster, “Let us win the Prince of Wales’ Flag” (1919)

Event poster, “Japanese Canadian Centennial” (1977)

Canada Post poster, “Royal Canadian Air Force” (1984)

Health Poster, “The Danger Zone” (1970s)

Canada Post poster, “1988 Olympic Winter Games” (1988)

Canada Post poster, “Expo 86, Transportation” (1986)

Health poster, Dialogue on Drinking (1970s)

National Museum Poster, “Atlantic Canada” (1970s)

Victory Loans poster, “Monday is the Day!” (1942)

NAC poster, “One Way Pendulum” (1976)

Expo 67 poster, “USSR” (1967)

Government poster “Année Mondiale des Communications” (1983)

Olympics poster, “The Olympic Village” (1976)

Olympics poster, Schedual of events (1976)

Olympics poster, “Competition Sites” (1976)

Olympics poster, “Kingston Celebrates” (1976)

Olympics poster, “Sailing to Olympus” (1976)

Olympics poster, Arts and Culture Program (1976)

Olympics poster, Canoeing (1976)

Olympics poster, Shooting (1976)

Olympics poster, Hockey (1976)

Olympics poster, Fencing (1976)

Olympics poster, Cycling (1976)

Olympics poster, Basketball (1976)

Olympics poster, Montréal (1976)

Olympics poster, Boxing (1976)

Olympics poster, Volleyball (1976)

Olympics poster, Judo (1976)

Olympics poster, Wrestling (1976)

Olympics poster, Archery (1976)

Expo 67 poster, “Montréal, Man and His World” (c. 1966)

Canada Post stamps, “Expo 70” (1970)

Canada Week poster, “Canada, it’s you and me” (1978)

NAC poster, “Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, Soirée Stravinsky” (c. 1971)

Victory Loans poster, “All Canada is United” (1941)

Consumer poster, “Hazardous Products Symbols” (1970s)

Olympics poster, “Artists-Athletes Olympic Poster Project” (1976)

Health poster, Dialogue on Drinking: Parties (1970s)

National Museum, “Money and how it is made” (1980s)

NAC Poster, 10th Anniversary Exhibition (1979)

National Museum Poster, “I’ll see it when I believe it” (1970s)

Olympics poster, Montreal Olympic stadium (1976)

Olympics poster, The Olympians (1976)

Olympics poster, Inuit mother and child (1976)

Olympics poster, Hands and rulers (1976)

Olympics poster, Yachting (1976)

Olympics poster, Gymnastics (1976)

Olympics poster, Modern pentathlon (1976)

Olympics poster, green, blue and pink on black (1976)

Olympics poster, green on red (1976)

Olympics poster, blue and black on red (1976)

Olympics poster, blue and red on white (1976)

Olympics poster “Tic Tac Toe” (1976)

Olympics poster, coloured rings (1976)

Olympics poster, coloured stripes (1976)

Olympics poster “Classical Statue” (1976)

Olympics poster “The Invitation” (1976)

Olympics jacket poster (1976)

Olympics poster “Woman With Flame” (1976)

Route of the Olympic Flame poster (1976)

Olympics target poster (1976)

Olympics logo poster (1976)

Olympics mascot poster, Amik (1976)

National Gallery poster, “Canada at Expo 70” (1970)