Used by: Canadian Grain Commission
Used from: 1988-present
Designer: Unknown


The Canadian Grain Commission logo is made up of a silhouette of a grain elevator inside of a maple leaf, in between two grain stocks.

Three versions of the logo have been used over the years, each having slightly different grain stock and maple leaf designs.

Various colour treatments have been applied to the logo, including solid black, solid green, reverse solid white, and green (maple leaf) and gold (grain stocks).

Trademark Details

Application number: 0666936, 1425138, 1425139
Filed: 1990-09-26, 2009-01-21
Type: Design Mark
Category: Prohibited Mark; Official Mark

About the Canadian Grain Commission

Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) is federal departmental agency that operates under the authority of the Canada Grain Act.

Under this Act, the Commission has two main pursuits: the regulation of grain handling in Canada, and creating and maintaining standards of quality for Canadian grains.

The Commission provides expertise in the science and understanding of end-use grain quality, which enhances the marketability of Canadian grain.