Organization: Centennial Commission
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1966


This Canada Centennial advertisement features an all-red Centennial Symbol with ad copy inviting the public to use the symbol widely, as part of their centennial celebrations.

A mail-in coupon was included as part of the ad copy. Those that mailed it in would receive from the Centennial Commission the Centennial Graphics Manual, which contained instructions on the proper use of the symbol and photo-ready artwork.

Product copy

Take this Centennial Symbol

Put it on a banner, use it on your products, and in your advertising, engrave it on your stationery, paint it on your vehicles, wear it on your lapel, display it on your cartons, hang it in your plant or office, stick it on your pay envelopes, stencil it on your coffee cups. Carry it. Fly it. But above all.

Use it.


Library and Archives Canada, for the poster image (item number: 2989828)