Organization: Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1967

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La Ronde

La Ronde is an island for the young at heart. It’s halfway between Copenhagen’s Tivoli and Disneyland. (And owes a lot to both.) Discover it at Expo 67, Montreal.

When some 70 nations get together to put on the greatest world exhibition ever, you can bet there’s going to be plenty to see. At Expo 67 in Montreal, you’ll find the whole world. It’s a feast for the art lover. A challenge for the intellectual. An education for the youngsters.

But one part of Expo 67 is devoted to nothing but… fun. It’s La Ronde. 135 acres of delight for everyone, with thrills, excitement, laughter, entertainment, great food and shopping.

You can relax in sunny flower gardens, to the splash of fountains, or go on a heart-pounding adventure into outer space and the depths of the earth, in the sensational Gyrotron. (The most spectacular ride ever built, it cost $3 millions and puts the roller-coaster in the horse-and-buggy age.)

You can share enchantment with the small fry in the Children’s World four-to-ten set paradise for the then go on to some of the mare adult pleasures. Try a pint of wallop in a real English pub, or a Seidel or two in the Bavarian Beer Garden transplanted, complete with bands, from Munich.

Then there’s the International Carrefour quaint streets of boutiques offering you a shopping world tour. And restaurants include every type you can think of (and many you can’t) from the rip-roaring Wake-Up-Jake Saloon to the Hawaiian Theatre restaurant with authentic native revue.

Ready for more sightseeing? How about the Aquarium and Porpoise Pool, the French Canadian Village, or Old Fort Edmonton? Or there’s log rolling, water skiing and boat shows on Dolphin Lake. Or the Safari ride through animal-infested jungle.

The list goes on and on. And the fun goes on and on, until the small hours. At night, La Ronde really swings, with night clubs, chansonniers, international cabaret, discothèques, fireworks,” bands. But no matter how long you stay, you’ll never want to go home.

Start planning now. Expo 67 admission tickets at reduced advance prices save you up to 29%, are on sale at banks, department stores, automobile clubs, American Express offices, and wherever you see the Expo 67 sign. Your ticket admits you to all the more than 100 pavilions, is good for unlimited rides on the Expo Express, and much free entertainment.

Your accommodations in Montreal are guaranteed, at government-controlled prices, by LOGEXPO, the official Expo 67 bureau. Reserve now for widest choice. Write, mentioning dates and type of accommodations preferred, to LOGEXPO, Expo 67, Montreal, P.Q., Canada.

Or call (514) 397-8397. Or write for free Expo 67 vacation planning information, including full program of the World Festival of entertainment, to Expo 67 Information Services, 150 Kent St., Ottawa, Ont., Canada.


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