Organization: Canadian National Railways (CN)
Product: Publication
Year: 1970s

Product copy

CN welcomes you….

We are happy to have you as a guest on Canadian National. Please make full use of the facilities provided for your comfort and enjoyment on the Super Continental – Scotian – Ocean.

Of interest to all passengers

Train Personnel.. Before you board the train or shortly after, Train or Sleeping Car Conductors will pick up your tickets. Please remember that your train staff is there to serve you. Your safety and comfort come first. If there is anything you need, or don’t understand, just ask. We want you to feel at home.

Diet Problem… If you have a diet problem, don’t hesitate to tell your Steward or Waiter. Everything possible will be done to see that your meals are prepared with your diet in mind.

Fun Times… for both youngsters and adults, are feature attractions on this train. You will be advised of the time and location of Kiddies’ Hour when our younger guests can play games and color books. After dinner, there’s Bingo in the Dining Car.

“Tot” Priority. Travelling with a baby? Our staff will be helpful in heating bottles. Just ask one of the sleeping car or meal service employees.

Sundry Articles… Anacin, Bromo Seltzer, Kleenex and Package 25 (sanitary napkins) are available for purchase.

Smoking… Smoke cigarettes anywhere. Cigar and pipe smoking in lounges, club cars, enclosed sleeping car space and other defined smoking areas. You’ll find ashtrays in convenient places. It is as unwise to smoke in bed on a train as it is at home.

Tables. . . for writing, working or playing games, are available in sleeping cars. Some are also obtainable in the coaches. Ask one of your train staff.

Rest Rooms… for ladies and gentlemen are just a few short steps away in each car.

Radios… Here’s a little tip. For best reception, place your portable radio near the window. We do ask you, however, to be mindful of others who may be trying to read or rest, and keep the volume very low at all times.

Razor Outlets… conveniently located in washrooms and room accommodation. Please don’t use outlets for plug-in radios or other electrical appliances. THEY ARE FOR RAZORS ONLY.

Camera Fans… will find ample opportunities to capture some of breath-taking Canada along CN’s scenic routes. One of the best ways to avoid reflections is to hold your camera as close to your picture window glass as possible.

Telegrams… Thinking of sending a telegram? Your Conductor will do it for you.

Reservations at CN Hotels… can be made while you travel. If you forgot to make a reservation before you left, ask your Conductor to wire ahead for you. CN has a fine chain of downtown hotels – right across Canada.

Lounges… We invite you to enjoy your favorite refreshment in comfortable, congenial surroundings. May we remind you, however, that provincial regulations prohibit the consumption of personal liquor on trains.

For the pleasure of passengers travelling in Dayniters and regular coaches there is the Bar in the Cafe Lounge.

Sleeping car passengers may avail themselves of the facilities offered in the Club Lounge or, through the Rockies, the Sceneramic car.

Of interest to Dayniter and coach passengers

Meals… Enjoy a snack or a complete meal at popular prices, in a CN restaurant-on-wheels. Takeout service is also available. In Dayniters there is a tray at each seat.

The Cafe Lounge Bar… Sit, sip and chat in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

Reclining Seats… designed to help you relax and enjoy your trip – are featured in all coaches. The release on the front of your chair’s arm rest allows you to adjust to the desired position. And, if you want to put your feet up on an unoccupied seat, please remove your shoes.

Pillow Rental Service is available from the Cafe Lounge.

Sleeping car accommodation when available may be purchased enroute from the Sleeping Car Conductor.

Of interest to passengers in standard sleeping cars

The Porter… is aboard to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact him if anything is required.

Meals… Bring your very best appetite along when you visit the meal service car where delicious meals are served at no additional charge. The Diner is such a popular place that there are reserved sittings for lunch and dinner. One of the staff will tell you the times of the sittings (arranged on Daylight Saving Time when applicable). He will arrange a reservation as near as possible to the time you prefer. Ask your Steward or Waiter for the wine list.

Snack service available in the afternoon at reason able prices.

Room Service… Where room service is requested for meals from the Diner, there is a nominal charge. Ask your Porter.

Hospitality Hours… Here’s a chance for you to meet new friends over a complimentary cup of coffee in the lounge – each morning.

Club Lounge or Sceneramic car… The meeting place of congenial travellers. Enjoy your favorite refreshment or between-meal snacks – or table games or magazines and newspapers – in living room comfort. Postcards and stationery are supplied with our compliments.

Shoe Shine…part of CN’s complimentary service to our guests. If you have upper or lower berth accommodation, place your shoes under the lower berth. Private rooms have conveniently located shoe lockers. Your Porter will pick them up and return them with a sparkling polish.

Sleeping Accommodation… Foam mattresses liberal luggage space – personal control of heat, light and air-conditioning – mechanically cooled drinking water -toilet facilities – are just some of the features you’ll find in CN’s sleeping accommodation designed to give you generous, comfortable “Traveliving” space. If you occupy a roomette, you’ll find it’s an easy matter to draw your bed out of the wall. But if you prefer, ring for your Porter. The buzzer is on the panel with the light switches. He’ll be glad to do it for you.

Of interest to passengers in dormettes

The Porter… is there to assist you. If you need anything, do not hesitate to call him.

Meals… are served in the Cafe Lounge at no additional charge during regular meal hours. Between-meal snacks available at reasonable prices.

Coffee Time… Mid-morning complimentary coffee is served in your reserved space by your Porter.

The Cafe Lounge Bar… where you can enjoy your favorite refreshment in air-conditioned comfort.

Shoe Shine… a complimentary service to you from CN… Leave your shoes in the shoe locker or under the lower berth when you retire. Your Porter will pick them up and return them with a sparkling polish.

Thank you for travelling CN


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