Organization: Canadian Pacific (CP)
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1967


Product copy

Look like South America to you?

It’s one of the five continents served by Canadian Pacific Airlines. (We have 56,000 miles of international routes.) You can join our jets in Mexico City, Canadian Pacific’s gateway to South America. From here we jet nonstop to Lima, Peru and on to Santiago or Buenos Aires. You’ll enjoy all the luxury and comfort that you’d expect from an international airline. But there is a difference. And this difference stems from over 80 years of travel experience.

For example, maybe most people don’t speak several languages, but we think it’s necessary that our stewardesses do. We also feel it’s important to have a hotel-trained steward and purser aboard every flight. If they help make your trip pleasant, that’s exactly the way we planned it.

Fact is, the service is so exceptional we call it “Empress Service.” Is there any reason to settle for anything less? For more information see your travel agent or write your nearest Canadian Pacific Airlines office.


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.