Organization: Grand Trunk Railway (GT)
Product: Publication
Year: 1963

Product copy

3 ways to save

1. Family Plan Fare – When one parent pays regular round-trip fare-the other parent and children ages 12-21 pay only one-way fare for round-trip! Under 12 go round-trip for half the one-way fare. Children under 5 go free. Travel any day between U.S. cities on Grand Trunk. Monday thru Thursday to Canada. Return limit six months.

Take your wife with you and turn a business trip into a pleasure trip! She goes round-trip for only the one-way fare when you pay regular round-trip fare. Return limit six months. For passengers using “Family Plan” tickets the minimum number of railroad tickets required for exclusive occupancy of Sleeping Car space will be as follows:

Single or Double Bedroom…. 1¼
Compartment (Berth Service)…. 1¼
2 Bedroom en-suite…. 2½

2. Regular Round-Trip – Longer trips bigger savings! Tickets are good up to six months, going and returning. Entitle you to mean generous stopovers along the way.

3. Group-Fare Plan – Saves 25% for 3 or more adults traveling round-trip together in coaches, and journey is for a one way distance of 100 miles or more. Return limit 30 days.


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.