Organization: Canadian Government Travel Bureau
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1966

Product copy

New route to the old world

What’s an English bus doing on this side of the Atlantic?

You come to the sensible conclusion that a little bit of England fell from out the sky one day, Then you see an Indian totem pole. What’s a totem pole doing in a little bit of England?

You see how confusing we can be? Canada is many different things. You can start off in Victoria, convinced we’re as English as a sticky wicket… and end up in Montréal, thinking we’re as French as the Folies Bergères. Somewhere in between (around the Calgary Stampede) you had us figured for Dodge City, U.S.A., around 1880.

Fooled you, didn’t we?

Why settle for a predictable vacation? Just mail this coupon for booklets about a who-knows-what-you’ll-see-next vacation in Canada!


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.