Organization: Centennial Commission
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1968

Product copy

Centennial turned out to be the most fun we’ve had in years!

It’s as though Canadians had just been waiting for a chance to show how we really feel about this country of ours. Centennial gave us our chance. And from coast to coast we responded with an enthusiasm and delight that’s lasting all year long.

Sure, the special projects like the Confederation Train and Caravans are a big success. But it’s the personal involvement, the individual participation that has made our Centennial so important. Almost everyone in Canada was involved in the sprit of Centennial.

This is the year we discovered what it means to be Canadian – that we love their land and we’re proud of our achievements. We proved we really know how to enjoy being Canadian. And that we’re able to show our pride, and faith in the future of our nation.

In 1967, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves as a nation. Let’s not stop now! Let’s enjoy this new knowledge of ourselves. And make every year to come one of excitement and discovery.

We’ll just call 1968 “Centennial Plus One” and keep on going!

The Centennial Commission / Ottawa, Canada


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