Organization: Canadian Pacific (CP)
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1935

Product copy

39% Less Ocean to Europe

Who ever suspected such a thing!

Almost a thousand miles of smooth-water comfort before you even reach the sea… picturesque shores for two days on your way to Europe! Isn’t that a delightfully comfortable and interesting way to go?

Frequent sailings… from Québec on the celebrated Empress of Britain or Empress of Australia… from Montreal on the speedy, charming Duchesses or the low-cost, comfortable Mont ships.

Get travel-time map and bulletin of all-expense tours, ships’ plans, and fare schedules from YOUR OWN AGENT or Canadian Pacific: New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Montreal, 32 other cities in United States and Canada.

Canadian Pacific … via St. Lawrence Seaway


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.