Organization: Canadian Government Travel Bureau
Product: Advertisement
Year: c. 1935

Product copy

Rough it in Luxury in Canada

Paddle a crystal chain of lakes and streams to some evergreen point where, as dusk comes, your guides pitch expert camp and get the fire going, while you stroll down to the lake and cast that first fateful, exploratory fly. Soon there’s the smell of wood-smoke, of sizzling bacon. And after supper a quiet pipe as you watch the glow- ing embers. Then the benediction of friendly blankets… That’s the prelude to one typical Canadian vacation. There are countless others:

Golf, riding, swimming at some resort high in the mountains or down by the sea, in a background of unspoiled nature and easy luxury. Or cruising, by smartly appointed steamer or your own yacht along rugged coasts and lovely inland waterways. Or leisurely wandering, by rail or highway, to historic cities, British and French in atmosphere; secluded woodland camps; pastoral, old-world valleys.


Just tell us what you would like to do and how long you have to spend, and we will gladly suggest places to go, how to get there and any details you desire as to guides, equipment, game laws, etc. Simply address your communication to Canadian Travel Bureau, Dept. AC635, Ottawa, Canada. Or, if you prefer, call at your nearest Canadian Railway or Steamship office. Courteous, well-informed attendants will gladly give you detailed information.

No Red Tape at the International Border

The wise vacationist in Canada will bring along his golf clubs. You’re welcome on courses such as this.


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.