Organization: Canadian Government Travel Bureau
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1963

Product copy

Canada… the wonderful world at your doorstep!

Be pampered. Be utterly spoiled. You’re in Canada, where hospitality vacation bonuses. You’ll laze by a sparkling pool. Tennis, golf, anyone? Tomorrow, perhaps.

Dinner involves the one major decision of the day. What to choose? Arctic char, smoked Nova Scotia salmon or bisque d’homard? Frogs legs provençale, bifteck au poivre, Western beef, fresh Ontario lamb? The clean, invigorating Canadian air spurs your appetite.

From Atlantic to Pacific, Canada has summer resorts, luxury hotels and first-class lodges to cater to your every whim and comfort. In Victoria, B.C., more English than crumpets and tea, there are Tudor style inns In the Canadian Rockies you’ll float in heated pools and gaze up at the crimson sun setting over snow-capped peaks. (The hot springs here are wonderfully rejuvenating.)

Ontario’s lakeland boasts every type of accommodation Water skiing, swimming, cruising and sailing are just some of the fringe benefits. There’s an unmistakable charm to the French-flavoured resorts in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. “Voulez-yous quelque chose à boire, monsieur?” Delightfully foreign, refreshingly different.

In Canada’s Atlantic Provinces you’ll dine on bounty from the sea, at night, you’ll be lulled to sleep by the salt air and the gentle surf.

All this at reasonable prices too? Mais, certainement! Treat yourself to a summer in Canada, where “Welcome” and “Bienvenue!” mean “Glad you’re here, hope you’re having a wonderful time.”

Travel Dividend. Your dollar goes further in Canada.

Photo: A summer resort in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains


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