Organization: Canadian Armed Forces
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1971

Product copy

Our first commitment is to peace.

We work against the things that cause human discontent in at least a dozen countries of the world. One of them is Canada. Because we have share of discontent, and discontent is what causes war. We’ve opened airstrips and set up communications in the Arctic because our presence there protects natural resources and controls the ecology. We’ve fought pollution on the Maritimes’ beaches and on the seas. We’ve fought forest fires and floods and brought relief for airplane crashes. We’re educating, through university degrees in our Military Colleges and on-the-job training in a surprising number of technical skills. Which is why our men are as good as they are. And why we can do what we do. Peace takes a lot of intelligent men working together. And, we figure that our job isn’t just to keep peace but to make it. We also figure that the more we commit ourselves and our time to get overcoming the causes of misery, the better our chances. If you’d like to know about what we’re doing in the Canadian Armed Forces and, more importantly, how you can join us, contact your Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting and Selection Unit. Or send us the coupon below.

The Canadian Armed Forces – You’ve got to be good to get in.

Engineering an airstrip at the Arctic outpost of Pangnirtung.


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.