Organization: Canadian Pacific (CP)
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1959

Product copy

Sail to Europe through 1,000 miles of historic Canada

Magnificent White Empresses, sailing weekly between Montreal and Europe, offer the transatlantic traveller a whole new world of luxury afloat. Spacious staterooms, the very finest cuisine, and entertainment facilities are yours to enjoy. What better way to sail than along the sheltered St. Lawrence where a White Empress crossing takes you past 1,000 miles of ever-changing French-Canadian scenery.

During the winter cruise season, a completely air-conditioned White Empress ship follows the trade winds to the colorful West Indies and South American ports of call. On the high seas with sleek White Empress luxury liners, as on land with stainless-steel scenic dome streamliners and high in the skies with giant jet-prop airliners, Canadian Pacific offers a world of unsurpassed transportation service!

A gracious air-conditioned White Empress glides majestically past the Château Frontenac at Québec, sailing the historic St. Lawrence River route from Canada to Europe.

Canadian Pacific – World’s Most Complete Transportation System


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