Organization: Canadian National Railways (CN)
Product: Publication
Year: 1970s

Product copy

Avoid that long drive!

Relax! For business, transfer or vacation go the Car-Go-Rail way in Canada. You’ll have the use of your own car at destination-and you’ll arrive fresh enough to enjoy it! No need for hours of tension behind the wheel. No traffic tie-ups. No highway fatigue. No eating on the run. No hunting for overnight accommodation. With CN Car-Go-Rail you speed there in “Traveliving” comfort and your car travels by fast freight in a modern, all-enclosed auto transporter.

You can enjoy the luxury of really seeing the scenery, dallying over your meals, sleeping whenever you feel like it-and still travelling a full 24 hours each day! But that’s not all. CN Car-Go-Rail is CONVENIENT. Your car is accepted and delivered to you at convenient downtown locations-washed and ready to go.

And FLEXIBLE. You can travel both ways by train or, if you prefer, drive one way and let CN pamper you on the rest of the trip.

DEPENDABLE, too. CN’s all-weather reliability gets you there safely.

And all this at a price you can afford. CN Car-Go-Rail is easy on the pocket. Just add the reasonable charge for transporting your car to CN’s low Red, White and Blue fares. And don’t forget that extra savings are available with Family Fares.

Scheduled CN Car-Go-Rail service is available between the following cities:

  • Halifax, N.S.
  • Monton, N.B.
  • Montreal, Que.
  • Edmonton, Alta.
  • Toronto, Ont.
  • Winnipeg, Man.
  • Saskatoon, Sask.
  • Vancouver, B.C.

Also available between Ottawa, Ont. and Winnipeg, Man., Edmonton, Alta. – and Vancouver, B.C.

Over-the-road pick-up and delivery service by Avis Rent A Car System links most major cities to the CN Car-Go-Rail network.

Easy come, easy go! CN’s Car-Go-Rail plan is easy on the driver-easy on the family-easy on the car-and easy on the budget.

Your Travel Agent or CN Passenger Sales Office will be pleased to provide further details of CN Car-Go-Rail and to arrange your trip.


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.