Organization: Trans-Canada Air Lines
Product: Publication
Year: 1950s

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Winged facts about TCA

TCA is your air highway

Passengers: Carrying well over 1,125,000 passengers a year, Trans-Canada Air Lines serves over 50 communities across 18,000 miles of world air routes.

Mail and Air Parcel Post: Canada was the first country in the Western Hemisphere to send first-class mail by air at regular postal rates. Air Parcel Post meets the growing need for speedy postal delivery of this class of mail.

Air Express: Providing a fast and convenient shipping service, TGA Air Express picks up at factory or office and delivers at destination. This is a premium shipping service at reasonable rates.

Air Freight: Skyliners carry a large volume of air freight. Business men realize that shipment by air saves time and money, increases sales and profits widens markets and cuts inventories.

Auto-Rental Service: TCA ticket agents can arrange for a car to be ready for you at your destination airport. Air Travel Card holders enjoy full credit privileges and need not provide a deposit.

Travel Arrangements: TCA offices or your Travel Agent will be glad to assist in planning trips. arranging flight reservations and securing hotel accommodations.

Trans-Canada Air Lines
“One of the World’s Great Airlines”

$31,000,000 for new aircraft in TCA’s big expansion program

TCA has risen rapidly from a small beginning in 1937 to become one of the world’s great airlines. Its first commercial flight was of 122 miles-from Vancouver to Seattle. Today TCA flies to more than 50 communities across 18,000 miles of world air routes, and its Skyliners provide passengers with connections to every country in the world.

To meet increasing demand for air travel, TCA is carrying out a planned program of expansion. Over $31,000,000 has been allocated for the purchase of new aircraft, tested and adapted to conform to TCA’s special route and traffic requirements. Huge, long-range “Super Constellations” for trans-Atlantic, Bermuda, Nassau and Caribbean routes; swift, turbo-prop “Viscounts” for certain North American routes; and capacious Bristol Freighters for special air freight services will supplement the present fleet of DC-3’s and four-engine “North Star” Skyliners.

TCA’s progressive thinking and sound planning in its selection of the finest airliners is reflected in ever-increasing service to air travellers. Passenger comfort and convenience are all-important to an airline, and TCA enjoys a world-wide reputation for being a “good provider.”

New, faster aircraft demand highly organized control of air and ground operations, and TCA’s expansion program calls for the addition of much new equipment to service its larger fleet, and care for its growing passenger lists.

Operational Briefs

TCA’s far-flung international routes to Europe, to the United States and to Southern ports-of-call- coupled with scheduled domestic services of over 125 flights a day, indicate Canada’s importance in the new air world. Distance ceases to be a problem for the traveller-but the coordination and direction of all these services demand special attention. TCA is proud of its record of dependability and efficiency-hallmark of the success of TCA personnel and equipment in providing air travel of highest standards.

Preventive maintenance

The world-wide record of dependable operation which TCA has established is largely due to careful aircraft inspection and maintenance checks carried out according to government-approved standards by qualified inspectors and skilled mechanics. Necessary maintenance checks follow prescribed intervals of flying time and are made at numerous points throughout the system. ones being at Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver. principal

Reservations service

TCA maintains offices in principal cities where reservations may be made and tickets purchased.

So that reservations may be arranged quickly anywhere on the system, master reservation control offices are established in Moncton, Toronto, Winnipeg and London, England. Information flows to and from these “nerve centres” via a nation-wide system of teletype. Europe and trans-Atlantic reservations are controlled by radio-teletype.

TCA people

It takes more than aircraft, air fields and hangars to make a great airline. The real activating force is people… the men and women whose many special skills combine to make possible an efficient and reliable service. Many TCA people are seldom seen by air passengers yet they play an important part in the successful operation of the airline. With more staff required to handle necessary expansion, new TCA people are being carefully selected and trained to join the highly competent team.


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