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Year: 1962

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Canada… the wonderful world at your doorstep!

French restaurants in the Province of Québec are famed for their classic cooking. Snails, frogs legs, the myriad marvelous things the chefs do with sea-food, fowl and meats–formidable And the desserts-merveilleux!

The novice can turn himself over to the maitre d’hôtel with confidence, the gourmet needs no direction (nor coaxing).

French-Canadian pea soup in its home province is a far cry from the sort you find in the super-market try also the native tourtières (delicious, flaky little pork pies) and Oka cheese made by the Trappist monks in Quebec. Look, too, for Ontario’s famed cheddar cheese, Canadian maple sugar and Canadian bacon.

In the Atlantic Provinces, Malpeque oysters, Restigouche salmon and Nova Scotia lobster reign supreme. A unique vegetable treat is “fiddleheads”-a subtle, tender specialty of New Brunswick.

There are, as well, ethnic restaurants serving authentic Italian, Greek, Estonian, German, Armenian, Swiss, Chinese and Japanese specialties, most everywhere in Canada.

But back to indigenous food Winnipeg gold-eye is a delicacy not to be missed, Canada’s western beef is a must and a little looking around will profit you buffalo meat, whale steaks, Arctic char and-if you’re very diligent and very lucky-the fabulous King Salmon.

In British Columbia, you’re back to the culinary joys of the sea and the sun-soaked fruit of the Okanagan Valley.

We know you aren’t planning a Canadian vacation just to eat-but what a bonus For a preview of the other joys awaiting you, mail the coupon.

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Filet de boeuf bouquetière being served in one of Montreal’s gourmet restaurants


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