Organization: Canadian Pacific (CP)
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1946

Product copy

Picture Window… by Canadian Pacific

That window beside your seat on a Canadian Pacific train… it’s a travelogue in technicolor. It’s a window on natural grandeur… on horizon-spreading farm lands… on industrial vigor.

It’s a moving panorama of a great land… a land you ought to see… an uncrowded land of fun-and courtesy.

And it’s the way to travel in Canada… the comfort way… the friendly way… the way tens of thousands of Americans have caught their first glimpse of a vigorous, interest-packed country.

Soon Canadian Pacific will bring you even finer travel luxury… in new, deluxe editions of Canadian Pacific’s famous trains.

For information about vacations in any part of Canada consult any Canadian Pacific Railway office or your own agent.

Down by the sea on Canada’s East Coast

Canadian Pacific spans the world


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