Organization: Organizing Committee of the 1976 Olympic Games
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1976

Product copy

Official Olympic Posters
Collect this new series of four original designs

Now you can support the Olympics, and capture some of the excitement and the memories it will produce, by purchasing these colourful official commemorative posters.

The Gillette Company and the Canadian magazine offer you these four exceptional designs at a special pre-game price-but supplies of these posters are limited so order yours today!

Their spectacular colour and design will announce the Games of the XXI Olympiad to the world and the 23 x 33 inch size will make an impressive and decorative display of your support.

Take advantage of this unique offer now!

Canadian Magazine, P.O. Box AMF 1976, Montreal, P.Q. H4Y 1B6

This offer terminates July 15, 1976.

Full Size Posters 23″ x 33″ Only $2.00 each

A limited number of posters in Series One still available. You may order these at the same low price of $2.00 ea.


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.