Organization: Canadian National Railways (CN)
Product: Fare plan
Year: 1970

Product copy

Red, White, Blue

Red, White and Blue is a unique Canadian National Railways passenger fare plan developed to offer the best travel savings and benefits.

Where do these fares apply?

On CN lines throughout Canada and the Grand Trunk Western lines in the United States.

What are the advantages of red, white and blue fares?

No other travel plan provides the advantages of Red, White and Blue fares. For example, some fares are so low that you can get transportation, sleeping accommodation and meals at less cost than by any other means of commercial travel… and even by privately owned automobile in most cases.

The Red, White and Blue Plan eliminates the various classes of transportation fares.. . every one pays the same one basic fare, depending upon the day on which they commence travel, entitling them to a coach seat. The only extras are for sleeping or club car accommodation, if desired. Red, White and Blue Fares are all one way fares but it may be more convenient to purchase rail tickets and sleeping or club car accommodation for both the going and the return trip at the same time to be sure of your return reservations.

What are these savings?

Red, White and Blue Fares offer three categories of fares, or travel savings days – BARGAIN, ECONOMY and STANDARD. To make it easy for you to select your travel savings days, CN has appropriately colored the days on the calendar Red, White or Blue. Tickets have been identified by colors, too, to match these travel savings days…

RED tickets for BARGAIN travel days-the biggest savings of all.

WHITE tickets for ECONOMY travel days-big savings, too.

BLUE tickets for STANDARD travel days.

Are there savings for children?

Most certainly. There are comparable savings for children under 12, and a special Youth Fare Plan for young people between the ages of 12 and 21 inclusive.

What about meals?

A big feature of Red, White and Blue fares is that passengers travelling in sleeping or club cars are provided with meals at no additional charge during regular meal hours where meal service cars are operated. Passengers travelling in coaches can enjoy CN’s excellent cuisine at popular prices.

Are stopovers permitted?

Stopovers in the United States are allowed with Blue tickets only. Stopovers in Canada are allowed with Red, White or Blue tickets.

Are there any other savings available?

Yes, there are several extra savings opportunities. Ask about CN Family Fares, Group Fares and Charter Fares. There are also worthwhile savings when two or more share the same unit of sleeping accommodation.

Where can I get more information about all these fares?

From your Travel Agent or CN Passenger Sales Office. With their help you can

Pick the date-pick the rate- and count your savings.

Exceptions for travel between stations on Grand Trunk Western only: May 15. Oct. 9 will be WHITE days. May 16, May 18, Oct. 10. Oct. 12 will be RED days.

  • RED tickets are valid for travel commencing on RED days only.
  • WHITE tickets are valid for travel commencing on RED and WHITE days.
  • BLUE tickets are valid any days.


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