Organization: Air Canada
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1967

Product copy

This winter, have a summer holiday

Make your getaway quick from all that snow and cold stuff. Fly South on Air Canada’s friendly, fun-filled Club Calypso service to the sunforgettable islands of the Bahamas and the Caribbean. This is a good year to go, too, because Air Canada’s daily jet schedules to Calypso Country, from either Montreal or Toronto, have never been more frequent or more convenient!

Discuss your holiday plans with your Travel Agent. This expert on travel and the South can brief you thoroughly on Package Vacations, air/sea cruises, island-hopping and sight-seeing trips. And can explain how you can take full advantage of our Fly Now- Naturally, your Travel Agent can also make your hotel and flight reservations for you. So, the sooner you see him (or her), the earlier your escape to the sun will be arranged. Then, all you’ll have to do is await the date Pay Later Plan. and go.

Air Canada has daily jet service from either Toronto or Montreal to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago.

Jamaica: $217.
Nassau/freeport: $164.
Antigua: $219.
Barbados: $256.
Trinidad & tobago: $278.

Fares shown are 21-Day Economy Excursion Return from Montreal, effective Dec. 16, 1966-March 31, 1967.


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