Organization: Canada Post
Products: Stamps
Year: 1986

Designer: Chris Yaneff, based on painting by Barbara Carroll

Product copy

New For Christmas 1986!

Next Christmas Canada Post in cooperation with the Greeting Card Association, will propose an exciting new Christmas Special for you… New Christmas Card Envelopes, specially printed by members of the Association, and substantial postage savings with the most efficient service possible.

Look for these specially printed Christmas Card Envelopes in 1986 for Christmas Value.

A Christmas Special being developed for you by:

Canada Post Corporation Canadian
Greeting Card Association.

Christmas Stamp Value Pack

These stamps shall only be used on Greeting Card envelopes containing correct postal code addresses and mailed to destinations within Canada on or before January 31, 1986, after which date they may be used on any mailable matter in conjunction with authorized stamps of other denominations for the payment of postage at prescribed rates.


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.