Organization: Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition
Product: Publication
Year: 1967

Product copy


Meditheatre lets you join a senior physician on a tour of a modern hospital. Through live demonstrations on six stages in turn and film on three huge overhead screens, you see medical science in action.

“Man and his health” pavilion

For six momentous months, Canada will present Expo 67-an exciting world exhibition of the best in the arts, science and industry.

The fascinating story of medical progress will be told in the “Man and His Health” pavilion. In this pavilion will be Meditheatre, a unique theatre-in-the-round dramatizing medical achievements that help man to a healthier life.

Plan now to meet the world at Expo 67 and be sure to visit Meditheatre.

You have an inside view of modern medicine as you watch:

The drama of the operating room

How a patient’s diseased heart is repaired while his life is sustained by a “heart-lung” machine and anaesthesia… the suspense of “open heart” surgery.

How a delicate brain probe stops the stiffness and hand-shaking tremors of Parkinson’s Disease… enthralling demonstration of a new technique.

The return to a useful life

How an amputee masters the “touch” of the new electronic arm and hand.

How an artificial kidney keeps a young man not only alive but able to work.

The miracle of medical science

How an RH baby is given a better chance to live through modern techniques and equipment. How radioactive isotopes help analyze breathing problems.

You will be informed and entertained at Meditheatre.


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