Organization: Canadian National Railways (CN)
Product: Menu
Year: c.1960

Product copy


at the evening meal, celery and olives

chilled tomato or grapefruit juice… .30
vegetable soup, clear consomme or jellied consomme… .35

Combination selections

salmon hollandaise

poached and served with mashed potatoes and buttered broccoli… 2.20
*dinner wine suggestion: graves

a country omelet

served with bacon, mashed potatoes and buttered green beans… 1.45
*dinner wine suggestion: beaujolais

beef and mushroom pie

served with mashed potatoes and buttered broccoli… 2.10
*dinner wine suggestion: medoc

sirloin steak

(a $3.00 additional charge to club car passengers)
a 12 oz. sirloin broiled to your taste and served with a baked potato, green beans and a tossed salad… 5.00
*dinner wine suggestion: beaujolais

an additional feature at the evening meal

roast rib of beef, au jus served with a baked potato and buttered broccoli… 3.25
*dinner wine suggestion: medoc


apple or chocolate cream pie… .35
marshmallow sundae… .45
canadian cheddar or gouda cheese with crackers… .35
choice of fresh fruit… .35


ham… .70
tomato; cheese… .55


tea (pot)… .25
coffee (cup); milk (ind.)… .20

meals are served without additional charge to club car passengers

*wine service in accordance with provincial regulations and at prices published on the wine list

reduced combination selections may be served upon request at half price to children under twelve years of age

if you have a diet problem, consult your steward


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.