Organization: Canadian Government, Immigration Service
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1966

Product copy

There is opportunity for you in young dynamic Canada

If you have a skill, trade or profession, the time is right, the mood is right for you and Canada to get together. Industrial production in Canada has more than doubled in the last 15 years and is still forging ahead. For years to come Canada will be a country of growth.

You will enjoy life in this young land of opportunity. Wages and salaries are high. Canadians enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. Canadian homes are very easy to live in and Government mortgages for the purchase of homes are available.

Your children will have the best possible start in life-free secondary and primary education and every chance of going on to University or to a modern Technical Institute. You and your family will be protected too, by a social welfare programme: family allowances, hospital insurance, unemployment insurance and retirement pension.

Canadians are friendly, down-to-earth people – a large part of the population is of British stock, so you’ll have plenty in common. And remember – emigrating to Canada is not like going to the far corners of the globe, you are only six hours away by air, six days by sea. Interest-free assisted passage loans are readily available.

Canada offers excellent opportunities in a wide range of professions, to name a few:

Accountants · Architects · Chemists · Dentists · Dieticians Draughtsmen · Engineers · Librarians · Mathematicians · Nurses · Occupational Therapists · Optometrists · Pathologists · Pharmacists Pharmacologists Physicists · Physiotherapists · Social Workers · Surveyors · Teachers · Veterinarians

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Canadian Government Immigration Service (Dept. 6.S.T.s.20/11) 38 Grosvenor Street, London, W.1.

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Go and grow with Canada the land of opportunity.


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