Organization: Canadian Government
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1941

Product copy

Women can do it!

In your women’s clubs… in your household budgets… in your personal economies… become a regular purchaser of war savings certificates. The call is going out for two million men and women each to buy a $5.00 war savings certificate every month. It will mean a profitable investment for your country to win you can save enough to and will help your war. Will you do your part now?

How Your Organizations Can Work

  1. Appoint a special War Savings Committee in each organization to support the work of Local Committees in promoting the sale of Certificates and Stamps.
  2. Circularize membership on the subject at intervals.
  3. Advertise – “Buy War Savings Stamps Regularly” in Bulletins.
  4. Establish facilities for sale of Stamps at meetings.
  5. Organize special meetings with War Stamps as all or part of the price of admission.
  6. Form “16” clubs. Members contribute 25c. every meeting. Total buys Certificate. Draws for winner.
  7. Support the activities of your Local War Savings Committee by: (a) Establishing War Savings stalls, for instance, at markets. (b) Servicing Stamp selling agencies.

How You Can Work Individually

  1. Carry a stamp card with you always.
  2. Make sure merchants you patronize have War Stamps for sale and display advertising – “Take Your Change in War Savings Stamps.”
  3. Use War Stamps for prizes at teas, bridge parties, etc.
  4. Give War Stamps for birthday and Christmas presents.
  5. Encourage your children to earn money to buy War Savings Stamps at school.
  6. Avoid spending money on unnecessary pleasures beyond necessary relaxation and “Serve by Saving.”
  7. Support regular systematic War Savings through: (a) Payroll Deduction through Employers. (b) Monthly regular Bank Account deduction.


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