Organization: Canadian Government Travel Bureau
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1962

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Canada… the wonderful world at your doorstep!

Scene: Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg, Ontario. Time: the past-somewhere between 1784 and 1867. Sound effects: the ring of the blacksmith’s hammer on anvil, the clatter of horsedrawn carryall over the plank toll bridge, the steady hum of the saw mill.

Here on the peaceful banks of the St. Lawrence River lies a community of someforty buildings-pioneer Canada in microcosm. Upper Canada Village is a tribute to Canada’s past, conceived when the St. Lawrence Seaway was planned. Historic buildings, rescued from the great Seaway flooding, were removed to a site in beautiful Crysler Farm Battle Park, so named for the decisive battle, in the War of 1812, which determined Canada’s sovereignty.

This year, the Village will be open from May 16 to October 15, as will the campsites, beaches and extensive recreational facilities that comprise the Park, one of a chain that stretches 170 miles from Adolphustown to Glengarry near the Ontario-Quebec border.

Everywhere in Canada you will find historic landmarks, forts, museums and monuments, commemorating events in Canada’s proud and colourful past. Of course, Canada offers today’s visitor the 20th century pleasures of national parks and vacation play- grounds, holiday resorts, distinctive, cosmopolitan cities and modern, scenic highways. While you explore the past, you’ll enjoy the present on your Canadian holiday.

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Portrait from the past: kitchen of the Loucks Farmhouse, restored to 1860, Upper Canada Village, Ontario


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