Government poster, “Food Talk” (1983)

Industry ad, “Before you buy, read the big print” (1981)

Parks publication, “The Bank Fishery – The Age of Sail” (1984)

Parks publication, “Walking in the Highlands” (1985)

Parks publication, “Fortress of Louisbourg” (1970s)

Health poster, “Please, This is a Non-Smoking Area” (1970s)

Parks poster, “Winter in Canada’s National Parks” (1976)

Government publication, “Your tax guide” (1975)

Parks poster, “Autumn in the National Parks” (1970s)

Tourism publication, “So you’re going to Canada” (1967)

Parks poster “Québec Walls and Gates” (1970s)

NAC poster, “Canada en México” (1992)

Health Poster, “The Danger Zone” (1970s)

Health poster, Dialogue on Drinking (1970s)

Tourism publication “The World Next Door” (1970s)

Government publication, “Kitchen Metrics” (1977)

Government publication, “Canada’s North, 1970-1980” (1972)

Health poster, Dialogue on Drinking: Parties (1970s)

Canada Post Publication, “250th Anniversary of the Completion of Louisbourg” (1984)

NAC Poster, 10th Anniversary Exhibition (1979)

Canadian Signature Experiences logo (2011)

Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat (2012)

Canadian Commercial Corporation (c. 1986)

National Gallery of Canada (c. 1997)

National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (2011)

International Development Research Centre (1970)

Canada Council for the Arts (c. 1982)

Canadian Human Rights Commission (1998)

11 Steps To Survival

Standards Council of Canada (c. 1970)

Canadian Museum of Civilization (1989)

Canada Post Corporation (1987)

Port of Montreal (1990s)

Canadian Grain Commission (1988)

ACOA Lighthouse (1988)