TCA ad, “Linking the Atlantic Provinces” (1954)

TCA ad, “He insists on Viscount” (1955)

TCA ad, “On the Viscount… an Emblem of Leadership! ” (1955)

TCA ad, “Fly TCA” (1950)

TCA ad, “They help make your airline great” (1951)

TCA ad, “She insists on Viscount” (1956)

NAC poster, “Canada en México” (1992)

TCA ad, “Smooth Performance!” (1954)

CBC publication, “Current Affairs Handbook” (1979)

TCA ad, “He insists on Viscount” (1956)

Air Canada ad, “So you think you know all about airlines…” (1971)

TCA ad “First with turbo-prop in America” (1950s)

CBC publication, “Political and Controversial Broadcasting” (1944)

Canada Post stamps, “Expo 70” (1970)

CN form, “Canadian National Telegraphs” (1950s)

CN ad, “New Vacation Heights in the Canadian Rockies” (1930)

CBC 1976 Olympics ad (1976)

NAC poster, “Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, Soirée Stravinsky” (c. 1971)

CN logo concept by Allan Fleming (1959)

CN Ad “C.N.R. will take you there” (1958)

TCA Ad “When a husband travels…” (1963)

Air Canada Ad, with Pratt & Whitney (1970s)

TCA Ad, “Canada, Europe… a swift, comfortable flight away” (1954)

NAC Poster, 10th Anniversary Exhibition (1979)

National Museum Poster, “I’ll see it when I believe it” (1970s)

Canadian Commercial Corporation (c. 1986)

National Gallery of Canada (c. 1997)

Canadian War Museum (c. 2003)

Royal Canadian Mint (2012)

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (1992)

International Development Research Centre (1970)

Canada Council for the Arts (c. 1982)

Standards Council of Canada (c. 1970)

Canadian Museum of Civilization (1989)

Canada Post Corporation (1987)