Organization: Canadian Wheat Board
Year: 1970s
Designer: Unknown



The design consists of a stylized wheat symbol appearing on its own or with the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) logotype.

A French version of the logotype was never created. Occasionally, the logo was paired with the CWB’s full title in both English and French.

The logo was one colour, mainly appearing in gold, or solid black or solid white. A green version of the logo was used on the exterior of the CWB’s headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


The CWB was a marketing agency for western Canadian wheat and barley growers. Its role was to market grain products for the best possible price. All proceeds from sales, less the marketing costs, were passed back to farmers.

Due to its enabling legislation, the CWB was not subject to the Federal Identity Program.

The CWB did not apply the Canada wordmark or the Government of Canada signature on its products, though the symbols can be seen together on grain hopper rail cars throughout North America.

About the Grain Rail Cars

As reported by Eric Atkins (The Globe and Mail), Transport Canada has stated that government-owned rail cars operated by CN and CP will be retired by 2044.

About the tri-coloured logo that replaced it
A new visual identity for the CWB was unveiled at a news conference held on August 31, 2012, by its CEO Ian White.

From the news release:

We have a brand new look, a solid business model and the support of thousands of farmers who have told us they intend to market grain with CWB. That makes the future bright.

White unveiled a new image and logo for CWB, featuring vibrant colours that reflect the green of nature, the blue of the Prairie sky and the gold of the harvest, along with the rays of a rising sun.