Organization: Royal Canadian Mint
Year: 1990s, retired 2012
Designer: Unknown



The following logo description is from the Royal Canadian Mint.

The Mint Mark encompasses the three elements of the Mint’s corporate name: M for Mint; a Maple leaf for Canadian; and a crown for Royal and Crown Corporation. It features the Mint design within a circle and consists of a symbol depicting a stylized maple leaf emerging from the letter M. The eastern and western points are upturned and reduced in width to suggest a crown. A majestic M unifies the design, symbolizing the word “Mint” and its French counterpart, “Monnaie.” With their conic shape, positioning and spacing, the two components of the design evoke the action of two dies striking a coin.

In 2003 the Mint changed the design of its corporate signature from a side-by-side bilingual treatment to a stacked treatment.


The Royal Canadian Mint is the federal Crown corporation responsible for the minting and distribution of Canada’s circulation coins. It has been in operation since 1908.