Used by: Port of Montreal (Montreal Port Authority)
Used from: 1990’s-present
Designer: Unknown


The Port of Montreal logo is made up of a ship symbol set in a stylized letter M.

The logo has been used in various styles of corporate signatures over the years. The most recent version of the signature has been in use since 2012, and positions the logo in between the text “Port” and “Montréal”.

Various colour treatments have been applied to the logo, including solid black, solid blue (Reflex PMS blue), reverse solid white, and yellow (123 PMS yellow) and white.

Trademark Details

Application number: 0922277, 0922278, 0922279
Filed: 2013-05-10
Type: Design Mark
Category: Prohibited Mark; Official Mark

About the Port of Montreal

The Montreal Port Authority is a federal shared-governance corporation formed on July 1, 1983, under the Canada Ports Corporation Act. Its responsibilities include such areas as marketing and promotion, the supply of goods and services, human resources and property management.

In December 1995, the Government of Canada announced a new National Marine Policy whereby public ports would be commercialized.

Financially self-sufficient, the Montreal Port Corporation builds and maintains infrastructures leased to private stevedoring companies.