Used by: Canada Post
Used from: 1987-present
Designer: Paul Arthur for the original stylized wing design, Spencer Francey Peters for the mark lock up with bilingual title⁣


The Canada Post logo is made up of a stylized wing, faced right. Many other logos have identified the organization since it was created on July 1, 1867.

From the period of the 1860s to the 1950s Canada Post was known Royal Mail. During this time Royal Mail was often identified by stylized text. Some of its identity applications also used the arms of Canada.

From the 1960s to the 1970s it was called the Canada Post Office. During this time its mark was a Crown positioned above the letters “CPO” enclosed in a circle. The arms of Canada was selectively applied to products during this period as well.

Shortly after the creation of the Federal Identity Program, Canada Post used a corporate signature that was made up of the flag emblem and the English and French titles “Canada Post” and “Postes Canada.”

After becoming a federal Crown corporation in 1981, the organization was known as the “Canada Post Corporation” and “Société canadienne des postes”. For a brief time it used these titles in a FIP style corporate signature.

Trademark Details

Application numbers: 0577190, 0879138, 0903804, 0909666, 0914805
Filed: 1987-01-30, 1989-05-18, 1998-01-26, 1998-05-25, 2002-12-02
Type: Design Mark
Category: Prohibited Mark; Official Mark

About Canada Post

Canada Post is the federal Crown corporation, established under the Canada Post Corporation Act.

Canada Post’s mandate is to establish and operate a postal service for the collection, transmission and delivery of messages, information, funds and goods both within Canada and between Canada and places outside Canada.


Library and Archives Canada for the 1962 and 1968 First Day envelopes, early street car image and mail truck image (item numbers: 2250710, 2225547 3383530, 2265330)

With thanks to Gary Ludwig for confirmation of the designer.