Used by: Standards Council of Canada
Used from: c. 1970-present
Designer: Jim Donoahue


The Standards logo is made up of four curved circular lines, separated in half at 50 degrees, off-centre to each other, creating an overall impression of a stylized letter “S”.

The Standards logo is most commonly used in a horizontal corporate signature, combined with its title in English and French.

Earlier versions of the corporate signature had a slightly different Standards logo. This early version of the logo had tighter spacing between the two circle halves and a different typeface.

The colour options for the corporate signature include solid black, solid white, and a colour option with a blue Standards logo and either white or black text.

Trademark Details

Application numbers: 0918689, 0918652, 0918651
Filed: 2007-10-31, 2007-09-20
Type: Design Mark
Category: Prohibited Mark; Official Mark

About the Standards Council of Canada

The Standards Council of Canada is the federal Crown corporation that oversees Canada’s national standards system. It was created in 1970 when its enabling legislation, the Standards Council of Canada Act, received Royal Assent.

The Council carries out a variety of functions intended to ensure the effective and coordinated operation of standardization in Canada. It also represents Canada’s interests in standards related matters in foreign and international forums.