Used by: Canadian Human Rights Commission
Used from: 1998 to 2012
Designer: Unknown


In December 1998, the Canadian Human Rights Commission adopted an identifying logo. which depicts a Canadian maple leaf and an equal sign. The purpose was to clearly identify the organization with its mandate, to protect and promote the rights of Canadians.

Trademark Details

There is no apparent Canadian trademark record for the Commission’s 1998 maple leaf logo.

About the Canadian Human Rights Commission

The Canadian Human Rights Commission was Established in 1977, under Schedule I.1 of the Financial Administration Act as a departmental agency.

The Commission has three main objectives:

  • to promote knowledge of human rights in Canada and to encourage people to follow principles of equality;
  • to provide effective and timely means for resolving individual complaints; and
  • to help reduce barriers to equality in employment and access to services.

The Commission leads the administration of the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) and ensures compliance with the Employment Equity Act (EEA).

The CHRA prohibits discrimination and the EEA promotes equality in the workplace. Both laws apply the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination to federal government departments and agencies, Crown corporations, and federally regulated private sector organizations.