Organization: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Year: 1974, retired 1992
Designer: Burton Kramer



From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Graphics Standards Manual:

The new symbol evolved from the initial letter “C”, for Canada, expanding in every direction. The “C” represents the core of the broadcasting source, emphasizing that our national service, owned by the people of Canada, represents the primary element in the Canadian Broadcasting system.

The overall shape is globular, conveying the corporation’s international responsibilities in addition to its national role. The symbol is visually weighted to the centre and lightens as it radiates to the perimeter.

In its full colour version, the symbol is red (as its centre) and moves outward in radiations of dark orange, light orange and yellow. Whenever possible the full colour version will appear on a dark blue background.

The symbol can appear (as it has on the new corporate stationery) in red on a white ground. It can also be used in white on a coloured ground, in black on white, or white on black.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is a federal Crown corporation, established by an Act of the Parliament of Canada in 1938.

The CBC’s mandate is to create and deliver distinctive programming through a comprehensive range of news, information, entertainment, and sports programming.

As Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC tells Canadian stories reflecting the reality and the diversity of our country informs Canadians about issues of relevance and interest supports Canadian arts and culture builds bridges among Canadians, between regions and the two linguistic communities.