Organization: Canadian National Railways (CN)
Year: 1960
Designer: Allan Fleming



The design consists of a single stroke line, shaping the letters “C” and “N”.

As described by the designer Allan Fleming, the stroke line represents the movement of people, materials, and messages from one point to another.

At the time Allan Fleming also stated:

“I think this symbol will last for 50 years at least. I don’t think it will need any revision, simply because it is designed with the future in mind. Its very simplicity guarantees its durability.”

From the CN Visual Identity Guidelines:

“The overall proportions are three by eight, and must always be respected.

Notice that the inner and outer curves are based on the same centre points, all inner curves share a single radius, and all outer curves share another single radius.”


Canadian National Railways was a federal Crown corporation that was privatized in 1995.