Used by: Destination Canada
Used from: 2011-present
Designer: Unknown


Destination Canada’s Canadian Signature Experiences logo is made up of 4 individual squares, arranged on the same centre point. The top-left square is the largest and consists of a solid stroke line. The bottom-left and top-right squares are the smallest and are solid. Finally, the bottom-right square is mid-sized and contains the 11-point maple leaf, similar to the Destination Canada logo.

Trademark Details

Application numbers: 0921158, 0922767
Filed: 2011-06-01, 2014-02-14
Type: Design Mark
Category: Prohibited Mark; Official Mark

About the Canadian Signature Experiences logo

Destination Canada’s Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) program is a collection of targeted provincial and territorial travel experiences. Canadian businesses submit their application to become listed as a CSE tourism product through their Provincial Marketing Organization. Approved business are eligible to apply the CSE logo to their marketing and promotional materials.