Organization: Expo 86 Corporation, a Crown corporation of the Province of British Columbia
Year: c.1981
Designer: Ian Macleod, with Frank Mayrs as Creative Director



The following description of the Expo 86 logo is sourced from the January 1982 Expo 86 Communiqué, Volume 1, Number 1.

Visitors to Expo 86 will see the official logo on everything from buildings to T-shirts. The person responsible for the blue and white design, Expo’s creative director, Frank Mayrs, has been involved with the design of, among others, the 1958 Brussels World Fair, the 1970 World Exposition in Osaka and the 1976 United Nations Conference “Habitat”, in Vancouver.

Sign of the Times

Symbolizing Expo’s “Man in Motion” theme, the logo will identify all related activities and events. Seen one way, the three-circle design signifies the basic transportation and communications environments of land, sea and air, while a diagonal line thrusting from the centre suggests mankind’s dedication to progress. Viewed slightly differently, the number 86 appears – the year Vancouver welcomes the world.