Organization: Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition
Year: 1963
Designer: Julien Hébert



The following description of the Expo 67 logo is sourced from the International and Universal Exposition of 1967 Graphics Manual.

Nature of Expo 67

Expo 67 will be unlike most previous Exhibitions; indeed, in some important aspects it will be unique. The basic concept is intellectual and spiritual, its purpose to demonstrate how material wealth and man’s mental capacity have influenced the whole course of human history and the development of mankind. The exhibition, of course, is planned to entertain as well as inform. Ample opportunity will be provided for participating nations to display their products to the millions who will attend. 

The Theme

The Theme of the 1967 World Exhibition is “Man and his World”. It will tell the story of man’s exploration of the physical world, his drive to discover, understand and produce; of how he assimilates, organizes and uses his knowledge to improve his lot and how, as a social being, he has sought and still seeks to live in peace and harmony with his fellow man.

The basic unit of the Expo 67 symbol is the ancient cryptogram representing “man”… a vertical line with outstretched arms. Two units with arms linked signify friendship. Numerous pairs arranged in a circle suggest the World… a happy graphic interpretation of the Expo theme, “Man and his World.”