Organization: Ontario Hydro
Year: 1962, retired 1999
Designer: Allan Fleming



The design consists of stylized letters “o” and “h” combined together to symbolize an electrical plug.


Established in 1906, Ontario Hydro was a provincally owned public electric utility, and one of the largest electricity corporations in North America. In 1999 it was reorganized into separate companies and ceased its operations.

The following is from Ontario Hydro’s 1998 corporate profile:

Ontario Hydro is one of the largest utilities in North America in terms of installed generating capacity. Its customers include 306 municipal electric utilities, which serve more than 2,946,000 customers, and Ontario Hydro’s Retail Company, which serves almost one million retail customers, including 103 large direct customers. The Ontario Hydro system includes 69 hydroelectric stations, five nuclear stations and six operating fossil-fueled stations. The demand contribution of these stations in 1996 was 54% nuclear, 13% fossil, 26% hydroelectric and 7% from other sources, such as independent power producers. 

Total in-service system capacity is approximately 29,000 megawatts, transmitted across 29,000 kilometres of transmission lines and 109,000 kilometres of distribution lines. The total electrical production in 1996 was approximately 144 terawatt-hours. Ontario Hydro, a self-sustaining corporation without share capital, was created in 1906 by provincial statute and operates today under the Power Corporation Act of Ontario. Bonds and notes are issued by Ontario Hydro and are guaranteed by the Province of Ontario.