Organization: Canadian Pacific Railways
Year: 1968, retired 1986
Designer: Walter Margulies



The design consists of a triangle and a semi-circle within a square block. It served as the 10th logo used by the company since its creation in 1881.

The following is from Canadian Pacific’s background on the 1968 CP logo design:

By 1968, modern times once again bid the beaver a fond farewell. Canadian Pacific felt it was time to give itself a progressive image that could be adapted to the growing multi-modal facets of the company. The “multimark,” a triangle and a semi-circle within a square block, signifying corporate stability, direction and world-wide capabilities, was the logo developed to answer Canadian Pacific’s modern image demands. Each of the company’s transport-related modes was assigned its own distinctive color — CPR’s (known then as CP Rail) being red.

By 1987, changes within the Canadian Pacific transportation group had lessened the effectiveness of the multimark. So it was phased out, leaving “CP Rail” in its distinctive typeface as the logo.