Organization: Canadian Government Travel Bureau
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1962

Product copy

Canada… the wonderful world at your doorstep!

Some may think the Canadian landscape is alive with the stirring sight of our famous scarlet-coated Mounties. Alas, not so. There are enough Mounties (most in dark brown jackets, some in plainclothes) to carry out the serious work of one of the world’s finest police forces but they are fairly inconspicuous.

However, so that none will be disappointed, here is a sure-fire way to see Canada’s Mounties resplendent in full dress: 1) Visit the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. 2) Go to Banff or Jasper in the Canadian Rockies. 3) See the Musical Ride at any (or all, if you’ve a mind to) of the following events: Red River Exhibition, Winnipeg, June 22-30; Provincials Exhibition, Brandon, Manitoba, July 2-6; Calgary Stampede, July 9-14; Edmonton Exhibition, July 16-21; Saskatoon industrial Exhibition, July 23-28; Regina Exhibition, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, August 11-18.

Otherwise, seeing a Mountie cannot be unconditionally guaranteed. More certain is the fact that you’ll find Canada an exciting place for your summer vacation. The country is full of marvels and delights. Come north and see. For a balanced, factual and colourful preview, write for the 52-page booklet, “Invitation to Canada.”

To help you plan your visit to Canada, fill in the coupon at right for the Canadian Vacation Package.

Photo: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police performing their world-famous Musical Ride


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