Organization: Centennial Commission
Product: Publication
Year: 1967

Publication copy

The name of Canada means much more than the top half of the North American continent. What is it? It is many things – majestic mountains, beautiful rivers and lakes, gold plains, forests, ice floes, farms, mines, towns and cities with busy factories, churches and new buildings reaching skyward. It is a land of workers. Its people use two main languages, long ago brought across an ocean, but Canadians also represent a colourful patter, its racial and cultural pieces contributed by the whole world. Yet Canada is more than all this. It is our story – of primeval beginnings, explorers and pioneers, successes and sufferings, peace and war, happiness and unhappiness – a story of great development and a bright future.During the 1967 Centennial of Canada’s Confederation, a touring exhibition train tells our story with the aid of life-size models, sound effects, lighting, artifacts and photography.

The following pages provide an “aide-mémoire” on a visit to the Confederation Train.


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.