Organization: Canadian Pacific (CP)
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1968

Product copy

This is Canadian territory.

Looks like Europe to you, doesn’t it? Most map experts would agree. But we call it Canadian Territory because Canadian Pacific Airlines jets there regularly on part of our 56,000 miles of international routes. And this is something you should know about. For a very good reason.

When you fly Canadian Pacific to Europe, you can add an extra foreign country at no extra cost – Canada. You can stop over in our gateway cities: Toronto, fastest growing city in North America; Montreal, exciting French-Canadian city and site of Expo ’67; Vancouver, year-round vacationland of the great Northwest. Then fly to Europe direct from Vancouver via the polar route or nonstop from Toronto or Montreal. If you wish, you can return from Europe via New York. There’s something else you really ought to know about Canadian Pacific Airlines: over 80 years of travel experience goes into every one of our Empress flights.

We’d like very much to share this experience with you.

For complete information, contact your travel agent or your nearest Canadian Pacific office.


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