Organization: Government of Canada
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1934

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Dominion of Canada

1934 Refunding Loan

The Minister of Finance offers for public subscription

Two-year 2% Bonds, due 15th October, 1936
Issue Price 98.90 and accrued interest, yeldıng 2 57% to maturity.

Five-year 21% Bonds, due 15th October, 1939
Issue price 98.15 and accrued interest, yielding 2 90% to maturity.

Eight-year 3% Bonds, due 15th October, 1942
Issue price 97.00 and accrued interest, yieldıng 3 43% to maturity.

Fifteen-year 31% Bonds, due 15th October, 1949
Issue price: 96.50 and accrued interest, yielding 3 81% to maturity.

Principal payable without charge in lawful money of Canada at the Head Office of the Bank of Canada, Ottawa, or at any of its branches in Canada.

Interest payable half-yearly, 15th April and 15th October, in lawful money of Canada, without charge, at any branch in Canada of any chartered bank.


Two-year Bonds, $1,000
Five-year Bonds, $500 and $1,000
Eight-year Bonds, $500 and $1,000
Fifteen-year Bonds, $100, $500 and $1,000

Cash Subscriptions

All cash subscriptions will be subject to allotment Following the announcement of the plan of allotment, payment in full for the bonds allotted must be made promptly against delivery of interim certificates, which will be effected on or about 15th October

Refunding Subscriptions

Holders of Victory Loan 5 1/2% Bonds due 1st November, 1934, after detaching and retaining the coupon due 1st November next, may, for the period during which the subscription lists are open, tender their bonds in lieu of cash on subscriptions for a like par value of bonds in one or more maturities of the new issue and receive allotment in full with prompt delivery. The surrender value of the Victory 5 1/2% Bonds will be as follows

100% of their par value on subscriptions for the Two-year 2% Bonds and the Five-year 2 1/2% Bonds.

100 1/8% of their par value on subscriptions for the Eight-year 3% Bonds if effected on or before 6th October, and 100% of their par value after that date.

100 1/4% of their par value on subscriptions for the Fifteen-year 3 1/2% Bonds if effected on or before 6th October, and 100% of their par value after that date.

Holders will receive in cash the difference between the surrender value of their Victory Bonds and the cost of the bonds of the new issue.

The amount of this Loan is limited to $250,000,000.

The Loan is authorized under Act of the Parliament of Canada, and both principal and interest are a charge on the Consolidated Revenue Fund of Canada.

The proceeds of this Loan will retire $222,216,850 Dominion of Canada 5 1/2% Bonds maturing 1st November, 1934. The balance will be used for the general purposes of the Government, including the redemption of short-term Treasury Bills.

Subscriptions will be received and receipts issued by any branch in Canada of any Chartered Bank and by Recognized Dealers, from whom may be obtained application forms and copies of the official prospectus containing complete details of the Loan. Applications will not be valid on forms other than those printed by the King’s Printer

The subscription lists will open 1st October, 1934, and will close on or before 13th October, 1934, with or without notice, at the discretion of the Minister of Finance.

Department of Finance
Ottawa, 1st October, 1934.


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