Organization: Canadian Government Travel Bureau
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1963

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Canada… the wonderful world at your doorstep!

ONE MORE RAINBOW and his creel will be full. Lunchtime fresh, pan-fried trout.

Between three oceans, a million lakes and rivers swell each spring, ready to tempt nimrod or novice. Fly fisherman, bait caster or troller, you’ll find unparalleled sporting thrills in Canada.

Accept the challenge of the mighty Atlantic salmon in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Maritimers, naturally, will tell you there is nothing like Atlantic salmon for flavour, Westerners, however, will contest this. For proof, they offer leaping coho., chinook and kokanee. You decide for yourself

Central Canada rightly boasts of the piscatorial pleasure it offers. Virgin waters in the Yukon and Northwest Territories provide the test of a lifetime.

Go after battling game fish in the coastal waters of B.C. and the Atlantic Provinces. (Perhaps you’re the man to top the world tuna record 977 lb – caught off Nova Scotia in 1950!)

Should your family not share your enthusiasm, there are many compensations-boating, swimming, water-skiing, hiking or just relaxing in Canada’s great outdoors.

Luxury “fly-in” fishing lodges (as well as drive-in) cater to outdoor-whetted appetites. Expert, knowledgeable guides are readily available.

It’s always “open season” for hospitality Drop us a line-we’ll send you the Fisherman’s Guide, which includes angling regulations for each of Canada’s ten provinces.

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Photo: From trout to tuna, Canada is famous for its fishing


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