Organization: Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1967

Product copy

Six great reasons to visit Expo 67, Montreal.

1. It’s the only way you’ll get to go on a world tour, without spending a fortune. At this greatest of all world exhibitions, you’ll enjoy the authentic sights and delights of over 60 countries, from Jamaica to Japan.

2. Expo 67 is an eye-opener. A cram course (but fascinating) in science and technology, covering everything from microbiology to space exploration. It’s also a feast for the art-lover. The fabulous collection of 180 paintings, for example, includes the choicest items from 50 galleries in 30 countries.

3. World Festival, the mammoth Expo 67 entertainment program. An astonishing total of 672 performances presents the great names of grand opera, ballet, drama, symphony, musical comedy, pop singers, variety, outdoor spectaculars and you name it.

4. Sports events. Europe vs The Americas in track and field, international tennis, basketball, field hockey, soccer, baseball, weight lifting, rugby. cricket, lacrosse. sailing.

5. Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants. Over 60 different establishments offer you every kind of food under the sun. From meat pie and pints of wallop in a real English pub, to Polynesian delicacies, and other attractions, in the Hawaiian Theatre Restaurant.

6. La Ronde. Expo 67’s merry-go-round of amusement, fun and frolic. Its 135 acres include the giant Gyrotron, an adventure ride which makes the roller-coaster look mid-Victorian: a rip-roaring Gold Rush town; the French Canadian village: plus diversions such as the Golden Garter Saloon with its high-kicking Floradora Girls.

Expo 67 lasts six months only, until October 28th. Plan your visit now. For the full, day-by-day program of international entertainment, write World Festival Publicity, Expo 67, Montreal, P.Q., Canada.

Accommodations? LOGEXPO, the official bureau, has thousands of rooms available, including accommodations in over 30,000 private homes convenient to Expo 67. For reservations write, mentioning dates and number of persons, to LOGEXPO, Expo 67, Montreal, P.Q., Canada.


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