Organization: Prepared for British Information Services by the Central Office of Information 1967
Product: Publication
Year: 1967

Printed in England for Her Majesty’s Stationery Office by M.M.P.


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The British Pavilion at expo67

The theme of the British Pavilion is “The Challenge of Change” It shows how the British people are meeting this challenge in the modern world, as they have done many times in the past. Organised by the Central Office of Information, the Pavilion was designed by Sir Basil Spence, O.M. It has five exhibition areas and a cinema showing films related to the theme.

Shaping the Nation, the first section, provides an exciting introduction. Sean Kenny’s imaginative design, which breaks away from normal exhibition techniques, takes the visitor through 3,000 years of history, evoked by dramatic use of shapes, sounds, colour and projected images.

The Genius of Britain, in the upper part of the 200-ft. tower, was designed by Beverley Pick and recalls the achievements of many famous British men and women. Among them are writers, musicians, artists, scientists, explorers, statesmen and reformers who have made outstanding contributions to human progress.

Britain Today – Designed by James Gardner, the third section presents the British at home, at work and at play. Interesting, entertaining and often humorous, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, it shows many aspects of British day-to-day life, British institutions and the British character.

Industrial Britain, the fourth section, shows how Britain in the sixties is moving into a new industrial era in which automation and new techniques are changing man’s relation to the machine. Designed by Theo Crosby, it is an “Aladdin’s Cave” of industry. presenting fascinating examples of British invention and technical skill.

Britain in the World, the final section, dominated by giant sculptured – figures symbolising Man and his world, contains a series of displays showing Britain’s role in world trade, as a member of the Commonwealth, as a good neighbour providing assistance to the developing countries and as a contributor to world culture and understanding. It ends by showing how Britain is playing a major part in international affairs and working for a better future for mankind.

British events in the World Festival

Britain is making a major contribution to the World Festival at Expo.67. Important events in the theatre, music, ballet, opera and the visual arts have been organised by the British Council.

When visiting Expo, make sure to

Take a trip by Hovercraft – A new experience in transport. The Westland SRN 6 will ferry passengers on the St. Lawrence River, to and from the exhibition site and the mainland. The Hovercraft, a British invention, which rides on a cushion of air over land and water, is coming into use in many parts of the world.

Call in at “The Bulldog” pub and enjoy the hospitable atmosphere of an English inn. Well stocked with English beers, Scotch whiskies and London gin. In the La Ronde area. “The Bulldog” is sponsored by the Distillers Company Ltd, the largest exporters of Scotch whisky, and Whitbread and Co. Ltd, brewers since 1742.

Travel in a London bus – The latest type of 72-seater “Routemaster” manned by London Transport drivers and conductors, will carry passengers to and from Expo. Regular daytime service from Dominion Square to La Ronde and evening service between Place des Arts and La Ronde.

Visit the British boutiques – At the British Bookshop over 50 British publishers are displaying and selling a wide selection of their books. Sponsored by the Book Development Council of Britain and operated by The Classic Bookshop, Montreal. At another boutique confectionery by leading British manufacturers will be available.

Other events in Canada

In addition to the part being played at Expo 67, Britain is making an important contribution in the Centennial Year to extend our mutual trade. There will be major participations in the National Industrial Production Show, Toronto, 1-5 May. and at the British Columbia International Trade Fair, Vancouver, 17-22 May, and store promotions in various cities, all culminating in a great commercial and cultural event, The British Week in Toronto, 12-21 October-the first British promotion of this magnitude to be held in the North American continent.


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